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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Show Me to the Brexit Please

It's just that Brexit wasn't supposed to happen.  

The markets were betting against it, which is why they're losing ground now.  Or rather, the markets that did bet against Brexit are hurting while the markets that didn't remain steady.  It's a crying shame that our "free" markets are controlled so heavily by speculation.  And the speculators seem to be able to convince ordinary people that their problems are everyone's problems.  In fact they are so used to being able to guide public opinion that they assumed the UK would remain in the Eurozone simply because they said it would.  

Even though 83% of Brits didn't want to join the EU in the first place!  

Is anyone listening?  Do we have your attention yet?  This was obviously an enormous upset for the business as usual crowd.

I know that most people don't question our leadership as much I do.  But I think we're dealing with bad people at the top who buy friendly results (friendly for themselves anyway) regardless of the collateral damage.  And I think Hillary Clinton belongs to that same group of influence peddlers that got side-swiped last Thursday, the financial/political elites who don't actually care what people think or how they vote.  They just keep doing whatever they want until someone takes them out.  I was encouraged to see David Cameron step down as PM when it became obvious that the electorate didn't side with him, even when they were supposed to, even when the media spin-doctors assured him it was a done deal.

This interview with UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage is possibly the best, most sincere, political interview I've ever witnessed.  (Can you believe I'm quoting Faux News??)  I loved it.  I loved him.  And I loved the way he made the female interviewer look like a tool for the same media spin machine that assured Cameron it was in control.  I hope it goes viral and Americans can see for themselves the solid political motives behind Brexit.  So many just assume that what the media tells them is more or less true.  I'd like to think I don't suffer from that malady...

"London isn't a financial center for Europe!  London is a financial center for the WORLD!  And 85% of global commerce is not in the EU."

The UK was supposed to stay in the EU because the bigger the government is, the easier it is to skim off of it.  The skimmers are desperately trying to keep their cash cows lactating.  Hillary among them.  (Gawd, the mental image of HRC breast-feeding that just popped into my head is horrifying.)  The larger the organization, the more wasteful it is.  That's just an inherent part of longer food chains.  Period.  End of thought process.  That's why Obamacare was put in place - larger profits for the kleptocratic medical establishment.  More fat to be skimmed.  I mean, it surely wasn't put in place to make American medicine better.  Surely no serious person believes that.

It also strikes me that this vote wasn't so much a vote against the globalists' politics, but against their religion.  That's why it's so damned offensive to them.  This is the cult of Progress at work again, and political/economic organization is only allowed to move in one direction according to the cult of Progress: toward bigger, more centralized entities, toward global government and central banks, (then galactic government and central banks, or whatever they fantasize about in between unwelcome bouts of reality), but definitely not in the reverse.  

Let me say that again.  The universally-accepted narrative of the cult of Progress makes no room for smaller, more localized governance.  Such thoughts are the opposite of Progress, they say, no matter what results emerge in the real world as a result of their doctrine.  Results like third world sweat shop enslavement to keep the price of consumer goods down.  Results like millions of Americans unemployed or drastically underemployed because their jobs have been sold off to countries where a lack of even basic environmental regulations and living wages makes the products of their labor less expensive for rich Westerners.  Results like turning a blind eye to increased illegal immigration because it keeps the work force more mobile and domestic wages suppressed.  All of these things are wonderful for a small minority of the Earth's population, and not coincidentally those are the folks who voted Remain, or the folks who couldn't vote but regret the result anyway.

What was it they liked to say before the vote?  Not everyone who votes Leave is a racist, backwards idiot, but all racist, backwards idiots will vote Leave.  Or something to that effect.  Well, it's just as easy to turn that on its head and say that not everyone who votes Remain is a rich white sociopath, but all rich white sociopaths will vote Remain.  Fun to hurl insults, isn't it?

But when you break down what exactly it means to be a member of the cult of Progress, what it means to accept only bigger and more centralized political and economic arrangements - what it meant to vote Remain - the results I listed above don't exactly paint a pretty picture of these people.  They certainly don't represent the shining light of tolerance and social justice to me.  Quite the contrary actually.  In essence, they are simply fighting to keep the crap they buy cheap.  However it gets spun.  It isn't so clearly a matter of the good and tolerant versus the evil and isolationist now is it?

This slight majority vote against globalism was the first time industrial Westerners officially voiced the opinion that Progress wasn't delivering on its promises.  That this particular conception of Progress is making our lives worse and we want it to end.

I'm just beside myself with this decision.  I've been in a celebratory mindset ever since I heard the official results.  This is really big for the (obviously growing) energy descent crowd, and horrifying for the Nancy Pelosis of  the world.  I would say that I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when she heard, but I know precisely what she said, because it's one of the best-rehearsed scripts in modern thought.  

Those racist, nostalgic, backwards simpletons!  How could they choose to hamstring our destiny??

Um...because your destiny is ruining our lives?


Normally I would post a photo update around the Summer Solstice, and there is more than ever around here that is worthy of photographing.  Forgive me for waxing philosophical instead.  This is just really big to me and I feel like it's time we all stopped and took a good hard look at what exactly it is that we are fighting for.  Suffice it to say that crops of all manners are doing great here!  Many superlatives to be proud of this season.  And I will get to that as soon as I can.   

Tripp out.