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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

See You In Columbus!

Just wanted to say thanks to those of you who are coming to Columbus for the Georgia Organics conference in a few weeks, and encourage anyone else who can to do the same.  I'll be giving a presentation titled "Permaculture in the Deep South" from 9-12 on Friday, February 24th, to help open the conference, and then enjoying the rest as one of the lumpenprole, including a tour of Comerford Farms, and the Farmer's Feast on Saturday evening.

Here is the link and course description for my small part of the show:


Permaculture in the Deep South/ sponsored by Cafe Campesino
Tripp Tibbetts, Small Batch Garden Permaculture

Permaculture is about observing and interacting with nature, capturing and cycling energy, fertility, water conservation and reuse, redirecting system outputs back into production, and increasing the use of renewable resources. In short, it’s growing food the natural way, which is covered in this workshop through the three ethics and 12 principles of permaculture, with real-world examples in place all over the world.

Tibbetts will unveil the value of living small and using slow, methodical solutions to solve problems in the garden and in larger life, instead of shotgun approaches that rely on prescriptive methodologies and long supply chains.  He will discuss the concepts of “right livelihood”, sustainable economic philosophy, relocalization, and the effects of energy on culture and food production.  Finally, the workshop will give attendees an update on real-world plans to transition a family farm. 

Very much looking forward to it!  And after that I will make a concerted effort at getting back to regular blogging, this next chapter of activity at Small Batch centered around the natural building project we're about to launch in picturesque Ellijay in the north Georgia mountains.  Still-tentative plans have us building a passive solar hybrid straw bale-cob soap shop to serve as the nerve center of our new mini farm, and temporary living quarters for my family, while we build our cob cottage over the next few years.  We will be installing water collection structures, graywater recycling, passive solar water heating, and a tiny PV array to power a couple of lights, fans, and one outlet in the shop - 1 kW maximum - completely off-grid (and hopefully unnoticed!).  Beautiful property, and I hope there will be a GO conference in the Ellijay area in about 3 years so I can invite everyone out to check out our progress, but rest assured I will announce any natural building workshops/work parties here at my blog between now and then.  

Toodle pip!

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Back to the Earth I lived, and they all followed."  -Rusted Root