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Friday, July 1, 2016

Goodbye from Small Batch Garden

Well.  It's been an interesting experience blogging these last 6 years or so, but I think that 100 posts and 100,000 page views is where I'm going to leave it.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this little project.  I had fun, and met some great people.  And I wish you all the best in the uncertain years ahead.

I think that the Brexit referendum marked an inflection point, where the trends that the energy descent crowd has been talking about for the last decade or so have become an obvious reality - a reality that must be understood and adapted to, rather than shouted down, brow-beaten, or swept under the rug.  Down that road lies open and bloody revolution.

I hope we can be smarter than that.  I hope that the affluent classes can begin to recognize their not-insignificant role in the creation of the swelling underclass that is now beginning to fight back.  Brexit was their first move.  Electing Donald Trump will be their next.  And if it isn't Trump it'll be someone else like him.  Someone perhaps even less savory.

I hope that the affluent classes can stop pretending that we Americans live in a class-less society where anybody can become whatever they dream, for they are the only ones who pretend that.  The masses on the receiving end of their class warfare, and now schoolyard bullying and name-calling, certainly don't.  Yes, occasionally an individual from a more impoverished background makes it big - it does happen.  But to think that the exception defines a rule is myopic, and self-serving.

In historian Arnold Toynbee's words, the "internal proletariat" is rising up against the "dominant minority" who've hijacked the political system for their own advantage.  And in the 23 distinct civilizational case studies he examined and compared, that never ended well.  Particularly for the dominant minority.

Stop listening to the people and they will stop using such benign tools as words and votes to express their disdain for the world you have built.  And left them out of.

Peace, friends.  And safe travels.
Tripp out.


  1. Replies
    1. And to you! And Lace! Happy 4th, too.

    2. Sad, to see this end. Awesome blog written with knowledge and passion. Best of best wishes!

  2. It's been fun. I'll miss you and especially updates about how your plot is progressing.

    You have earned an honored place in my Blog Crypt.

    1. Thank you, John! It has been a fun ride. Happy trails.

  3. Well, I have been feeling lately that it's all been said, we've thrashed it about long enough. The trends continue to go the way we thought, so why keep discussing on line and instead focus on planting, growing, relocalizing and relearning. As has been said, collapse now and avoid the rush. I think I understand why you are closing down the blog, and respect that, but will also miss your less political updates sharing what you've learned. Thanks for the energy you have sent our way.

    1. It's been my pleasure, Steve. I feel the same way. The ones of us who sort of get what's happening have beaten the subject nearly to death, and at some point the time and energy invested in talking needs to be redirected to more useful activities! Best wishes to you on your journey.

  4. Great reads always Tripp, thank you for your efffort.
    Onto your next adventure Im sure.
    Stay in touch Bro


    1. Of course, Nathan! Write whenever the muse descends...
      And thanks for the props! I really have enjoyed it.

  5. I enjoyed your photos. Break a leg.

  6. Wow, you called it back in July with the Trumpitler election possibility. Even as cynical as I am (enough so that my Xwife and I moved out of the U.S. in 2005 due to our moral disgust with the war crimes of the realPresident Cheney regime) I NEVER thought there were enough venal Amerikkkans to elect such a mentally unbalanced con man who's farked up every business he's ever run. It's not going to be just an energy descent. It's going to be a civilisation descent. Still, not all of us are going to die. I follow the wise counsel of The Automatic Earth blog about "building a lifeboat." Become as self-sufficient as possible, and most importantly, having a network of people around me who I can depend upon in bad times, and who can depend on me. Looks like you're well on your way there. Good luck with what's coming. Civilisations have often had collapses. It's a shame that the one that's coming is so unnecessary. But we're going to do it to ourselves through our own greedstupidity.