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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Business Opportunities With Small Batch Garden

Small Batch Garden’s Anticipated Crop Needs for 2013

Eyebright Elixir has been one of our most promising products this season!

Small Batch Garden is a north Georgia herbal health and household products company that is run on permaculture principles, and with a steady eye toward relocalizing economies.  Toward that end we are looking for bioregional producers of the bulk herbs we use regularly, top bar beeswax, and to help establish a bioregional essential oils distillery.  Below is listed our anticipated needs for the 2013 season, and the prices we are willing to pay for those products.  I have also included the price we are currently paying for the products from Oregon, to demonstrate our commitment to supporting more sustainable local production.  All herbs must be dried and processed to market quality.  Please contact Tripp or Jessica Tibbetts at 706-273-1752 or trippticket@gmail.com.

Dry bulk herb (est need)             Current price ($/lb)          2013 price ($/lb)

Lavender flowers (10-25 lbs)      17                                           25

Calendula flowers (10-25 lbs)     23                                           30      

Chamomile flowers (10-25 lbs)  10                                           15

Comfrey leaf (10-25 lbs)              10                                           15

Peppermint  leaf (10-15 lbs)       10                                           15

Eyebright (5-10 lbs)                      14                                           20

Goldenseal (5-10 lbs)                  18                                           30

Raspberry Leaf (5-10 lbs)           8                                              10

Cornflowers (5-10 lbs)                40                                           50

Rose Hips (5-10 lbs)                    8                                              12



  1. We have just contracted with Lane's End Homestead in Brasstown, NC - about an hour away from Small Batch Garden near Ellijay, GA - for the production of our comfrey, calendula, peppermint, and cornflowers for the 2013 season, and potentially our lavender and eyebright needs as well. Woo-hoo!! What a great start! One more chunk of long-range, high-energy economy bites the dust...

    Check out Cathy and her crew at:

  2. It is our goal to cover chamomile, raspberry leaf, and rose hips ourselves here at Small Batch next season, leaving only the native goldenseal to be carefully and respectfully tracked down. Not bad.

    Now where is that essential oils distillery?

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