Our Philosophy

Festina lente
-make haste...slowly

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray...

In my dream I fell asleep in the orchard and had a chat with god. And I asked god why there was so much hatred toward the purple sticky punch.

And god said, "Yeah, I put cannabis on the planet exclusively for the enjoyment of humans (and maybe a few other animals that tag along with you guys, like rats, they like it too), but my followers have managed to muck up just about everything I did for their happiness."

"Like boobs?" I asked.

"Exactly. They claim they ate an apple and became "enlightened" about their nudity, or at least about female nudity, and henceforth adopted modesty as a blanket policy! Of course you're a sharp fellow, Tripp, you see the cascade of misery that followed, from the resource acquisition to make trousers and shoes, to the pain of bras and girdles, to the sweat shop labor now forced upon so-called "lesser" peoples, all the way to the embarrassment of the Oregon Ducks rotating game day wardrobe."

"Indeed, sir, they are the laughing stock of the BCS, with their diamond plated shoulder pads. But what about the apple itself? Another demonized plant?! What have they got against plants?? There are plenty of real enemies to be dealt with."

"Oh yeah, "the tree of knowledge" they call it. Tree of retardation is more like it. It's an apple for jeebus sake. [That was my son's real name, btw, jeebus, in lower case like e. e. cummings, not Hey-Zeus, like some wetback (sic)]. I thought the apple was a real homerun."

"Why wouldn't you!" I exclaimed.

"Well, Tripp, I've got to run. Still lots of misrepresentations on my behalf to clear up. You understand."

"I do, sir. Thank you for your time."

"Hey, son. I'm glad you permaculturalists are doing what you're doing. It's about time someone listened. And feel free to cheef all you want."

"Thank you, sir. I'd tell the church that you said so, but you know how that always ends up."

"I sure do. Oh, and one more thing, tell your buddy 8M, over at Jim Kunstler's blog, to ditch that fascist Darth Vader view of the future of his. I sent him back in time with the knowledge he has specifically so that he would stop that from happening, not to promote it. Damn."


  1. Howwwwwwwwwwl! of course i had to lay off the spleef as i am older than you and have my lungs to consider but, BUT there is no moral sin to this. nada. my brother did time for growing a plant on his roof -meanwhile everyone at Lehman and Countrywide and fannie and freddie and the fed skate......oy vey.

    8M. his posts were intriguing -the first 40 thousand times. it is a dark vision. having made the transition into the new economy/sustainable/local down scale i cant report a big of fat case of happiness.

    now. time to change the freaking header image. gah!

  2. no. i CAN report. its good here. leaves are nice maybe not as brilliant as the rainier falls. but still -who could argue with beauty?